Be careful little eyes...

I am sitting here, just having put my son to bed, listening to the presidential address... all I can think about is the advertising that keeps coming out of my tv all day. They speak words into my home that penetrate my heart. Victoria's secret...Victoria's secret show...it's getting hot in here, etc.

Oh yes, tonight...while our president speaks about pulling out of the war, or not to pull out of the war, millions of americans will be tuning into the victoria's secret fasion show (if you can call it that). I wonder what the demographics of that show will be...what genger will mostly tune in, and at what age will they be?

 I looked across the dinner table at my son and realized that he will be effected, taunted, tortured and deceived by shows like this in his future. What can I do...what can I say to protect my son? I want to shelter him from the very world I want him to enter and share the gospel with.

No, that is not the answer...there will be no sheltering from the world, so i am left to explain to him ABOUT the world and how we need to be different...Christlike, and set apart. I tucked him into pray, and all that came to my mind was this song...

Be careful little eyes what you see...be careful little ears what you hear, be careful little lips what you say, and be careful little feet where you go.

Aden and I talked on a 4 year old level what each of these things means, and Oh, Jesus...I beg you to protect him from the mass destruction of this type of temptation. Hear my prayer, Oh God!

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  1. oh, I hear ya on that one! Just some of the expressions that I'm hearing Owen say remind me that he's getting older and I am also realizing that he is ALWAYS listening (to ME too) as he's questioning things he hears or observes. WOW, what a responsibility!