Trading in my Jersey...getting in on the game...

Today, I was reading a blog post on www.steadymom.com, and the words written there validate just how I have been feeling!

...when contemplating organization... 
Life with little ones is always evolving. Just when you think you have something figured out, the entire game plan changes, the phase passes, and there’s something new to tackle. 

Today, these few short sentences gave me freedom and a VOICE to how I have been feeling! I am always wondering where my organization skills went...why I am all the sudden NOT organized, and I have often felt bad about it.  I wondered if I had just given up,  I didn't care anymore, or if I truly understood something bigger.

Not having much space in our little home, and adding another person since we have moved here has been an EXTREME challenge for me! However, I still put EXTREME pressure on myself that everything should be just so.

I always feel like the circumstances are rolling right in front of me and I am running to catch them...as if I am a player in a football game and my opponent has the ball (the new circumstance) right in front of me. I am running, running, running to stay in the game, but can't quite keep up. Everytime I reach out to grasp hold of the circumstances, I fall flat on my face. 

So, this dear woman...writing these words...saying how I have been feeling on paper, a blog, a published book, no less! I was elated to say the least! 

She is right! Things are always evolving with our kids! New phases, new game plays, new independent growth from our kids, and I am doing exactly that...trying to TACKLE the situation! Trying to tackle it right to the ground like a big, burley football player, until I can get a handle on the situation. 

The problem is, as a mom, God did not make me an opponent of my children so that i could tackle them to the ground, control them, slow them down until I have perfected them! He made me a mom so I could be another player in the game...a player with a huge part, in a game that lasts too short of time, and goes way too fast! 

I guess what I am trying to say is that, today, I am trading in my opposing team jersey. I am no longer going to use my striving for organization and having everything just so, slow the game down. I am choosing to get in the game and help my kids run in for the touch down! I am pushing them onward towards the goal, rather than trying to tackle them down with my perfectionism, as if they were a player on the oppsing team! www.steadymom.com

I am so interested in hearing how some of you are doing at this! Please let me know!